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Adoption Search Services

The State of Michigan requires adoption agencies, the Michigan Department of Human Services, and Family/Probate Courts to release certain information from adoption records to adult adoptees, former family members, and direct descendants of a deceased adult adoptee. 

The law divides the information in adoption records into two categories: non-identifying and identifying information.  Non-identifying information is available upon request to adult adoptees at age 18 or older, adoptive parents, birth parents, adult siblings and direct descendants of deceased adult adoptees.  Identifying information is available upon request to adult adoptees at age 18, birth parents, adult birth siblings and direct descendants of deceased adult adoptees, but only if each consents to its release.  All information requests for information from adoption records must be submitted to the agency that placed the adoptee or the court that finalized the adoption.

If the adoption was through Catholic Services of Macomb, non-identifying information can be provided with a written request. Written requests should include the birth or adoptive name, date of birth and name of birth or adoptive parents if known.

With consent to open the record, the following will be provided:

  •     Identifying information on the person giving consent
  •     Information from the adoption record

Please note that adoptees at age 18 or older born on or after September 12, 1980, can obtain identifying information only if the record has not been closed by the birth parent(s).

For additional information on securing non-identifying information,

call Catholic Services of Macomb at 586.416.2300.

Confidential Intermediary (CI)

When a consent has been filed and the record has not been closed, you can request that a Confidential Intermediary be appointed to locate the person you are seeking. The Confidential Intermediary maintains confidentiality when seeking consent to open the adoption file. If both parties agree to have the information shared, the Confidential Intermediary can then provide each party with the information from the adoption file. For those eligible to receive the information, Catholic Services of Macomb can appoint a Confidential Intermediary for adoptions that took place through the agency. The costs for this service are based on complexity of the search. In many cases, there is no charge for this service.

For additional information or to begin the search process, call 1.586.416.2300


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