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Catholic Services of Macomb has been providing adoption services for over fifty years.  We have placed hundreds of children into loving families.  Adoption can be a wonderful way to begin or add to your family if you are unable to have a biological child.  Adoption can also be an answer for a woman who has found herself in an unplanned pregnancy and does not feel ready to parent, but wants her child to have a future with a loving family.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What is adoption?
A:    Adoption is a legal process which places a child with adoptive parents who raise the child as a member of their own family.  There are many forms of adoption including infant domestic adoption, international adoption and special needs adoption.  

Q:    What types of adoptions does Catholic Services of Macomb do, are there fees involved?
A:    We provide domestic infant adoption services. We offer both financial assistance, lenders who will assist with your adoption loan, or you can simply pay adoption fees with a visa or mastercard.  

Q:    Does CSM do open adoptions?
A:    Most of the adoptions we do are open adoptions; however, the birth parents are able to choose whether or not they want an open adoption and how much openness they want in the adoption.  Adoptive couples are also given a choice of whether or not they want to have an open adoption and how much openness they want.  Most birth parents do choose some level of openness in adoption.  

Q:    What is open adoption?
A:    Open adoption means that the birth parents and adoptive couple have some contact.  The level of openness varies from exchanging pictures and letters through the agency, to the birth parent(s) having contact with the family and the child at the home of the adoptive family.  The level of openness is discussed between the birth parent(s) and adoptive couple at the beginning of the adoption process, and a plan for openness is developed.  

Q:    Can CSM assist us in our adoption plan if we already know someone who wants us to adopt their baby?
A:    Yes.  We assist many families who have an "identified" adoption, meaning that they already know and have agreed upon adoption with a birth parent.  It is required by law that a home study be completed for any family that is adopting, regardless of whether or not they already know the birth parent.  You will be asked to go through the application and home study processes as other couples do; however, your adoption will be somewhat different as you are already matched with a birth parent.  It is best to contact Catholic Services of Macomb as soon as possible, as it does take time to complete the home study process.  

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